How I Unbricked My Completely Dead Redmi Note 5 Pro (No Cable or Opening Phone)

I unbricked my completely dead Redmi Note 5 Pro without using an EDL cable or opening the phone case.

I was using CRDroid 9 and using TWRP I did a complete advanced wipe and flashed miui_WHYREDGlobal_V9.2.4.0.NEIMIEK_561259cda0_7.1 but it didn’t restart – just a black screen.

Most of the info and downloads I got from Miui Blog


DOWNLOAD – Use the Miui Blog linked above or just search online)
1. ADB-Fastboot Drivers
2. QDLoader HS-USB Driver (13.1mb)
3. Mi Flash Tool (20181115)(76.9mb)
4. Modded MIUI ROM with Unbrick Tweak (2 files (832mb) and anti_test_note5.z01 (1.5GB)
Miui Links to

Connect the phone using a USB cable.

1. Install ADB-Fastboot Drivers

2. Install QDLoader HS-USB Driver
In windows device manager (run > devmgmt.msc)
You should see, under Ports(COM & LPT) Qualcomm HS-USB QDLLoader 9008).
If you see an exclamation mark, install again.

3. Extract/Unzip Mi Flash Tool using 7Zip
Unzip using Password if asked:
Inside the folder create a new folder and rename it log.
If you don’t create this folder you might get an error message like
“Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue ………”
“Could not find part of the path”

4 Extract/Unzip and leave anti_test_note5.z01 untouched.
Both files should be in the same folder.

5. PC: Press Shift Key and Click restart.
A blue screen should appear.
Choose Option > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start Up Settings > Restart.
On Restart choose option 7, ie Disable driver signature enforcement.

If you don’t do number 5 you might get a message like “open serial port failed”

6. In the Mi Flash Folder
6a: Click: XiaoMiFlash exe file. (I right-clicked and selected Run as administrator.
6b: In the Select box I pasted the path to the extracted anti_test_note5 folder. (EG something like C:\Documents\\anti_test_note5 )
6c: Click Refresh and the file should load.
6d: At the bottom select clean all.

7. If you get the message “Cannot receive hello packet”, hold down the power button on the phone for circa 15 seconds.

If all these works should take about 10mins.

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