Enable Camera2API in miui 11 without custom kernel

after a have tried many times to get it work and every time i get a new issue i discovered how to get Camera2API wokr on miui 11
First :

1- you need i custom Recovery like twrp or orangefox
2- adb & fastboot tools

then after booting into recovery connect your whyred device to pc and open a shell and type adb root and hit enter then adb shell
finally do this commands


setprop vendor.camera.aux.packagelist com.bsgmod.camera,com.google.android.GoogleCameraWide,com.android.camera
setprop vendor.camera.aux.packagelist2 com.android.systemui
setprop camera.hal1.packagelist com.skype.raider,com.google.android.talk,com.whatsapp
setprop persist.camera.eis.enable 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.eis.enable 1
setprop persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.HAL3.enabled 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.is_type 5
setprop persist.camera.is_type 5
setprop persist.vendor.camera.is_mode 5
setprop persist.camera.is_mode 5
setprop persist.camera.max.previewfps 60
setprop persist.vendor.camera.max.previewfps 60
setprop persist.camera.tnr_cds 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.tnr_cds 1
setprop persist.camera.tnr.video 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.tnr.video 1
setprop persist.camera.tnr.preview 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.tnr.preview 1
setprop persist.camera.tnr.snapshot 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.tnr.snapshot
setprop persist.camera.llnoise 1
setprop persist.vendor.camera.llnoise 1
setprop persist.tnr.process.plates 2
setprop persist.vendor.tnr.process.plates 2
setprop persist.denoise.process.plates 2
setprop persist.vendor.denoise.process.plates 2
setprop camera.lowpower.record.enable 1
setprop vidc.enc.dcvs.extra-buff-count 2

reboot your device and install google camera, now it works

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