Download Polarr 6.0.21 for Android

Some discription about polarr

Polarr is the least demanding application to make your own style and offer with others.

• Easily redo your own style with specific tones, overlays.

• Generate QR and short codes to impart styles to other people.

• Segment your photograph with A.I. to handily make complex alters.

• Upload your own overlays to push the limits of your styles.

Included impacts:

• Selective articles: Sky, Person, Background, Vegetation, Building, Ground, Animal, and so on

• Selective veils: Brush, Radial, Gradient, Color, Luminance.

• Overlays: Gradient, Duotone, Weather, Texture, Backdrops, Custom Overlay, and so forth

• Retouch: Skin, Liquify, Face shapes (mouth, teeth, nose, jawline, and so on)

• Global alterations: Light, Color, HSL, Toning, Effects, Fringing, Details, Curves, Vignette, Grain, LUT


• Import style as QR or short code.

• Create style with every included impact.

• 100 free-form reinforcements with Polarr account.

• 120 preset styles for film imitations.

• Batch import styles.


• Batch photograph sends out.

• Face recognition.

• A.I. object division.

• Polarr account reinforcements and sync channels over all gadgets.


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