dOWNLOAD Panda Kernel v7.3 [9.0/10.0][HMP/EAS] For redmi note 5 pro [whyred]

Panda kernel is a kernel suitable for whyred devices.
Under the premise of maintaining stability, it’s optimized as much as possible, and appropriately add some features.

1. Built with Clang 12 + O3 + Polly optimize
2. Merge Linux kernel and CAF upstream kernel and driver as soon as possible
3. Fixed all compile-time warnings

Exclusive features
1. Include Aroma InstallerVisible & customizable installation. English & Chinese(simplified) interface.
OC/Non-OC, No UV/80mV UV, Old/New camblobs. Do whatever you want
2. Kernel-level battery capacity fix. Keep your battery capacity at 4000mAh
3. HMP build supports Spectrum, governor profile from Project WIPE v2 (by yc9559)

Other features
1. kcal, sound gain control, srgb, lz4, lz4hc, zstd
2. Boeffla wakelock blocker v1.1.0
3. Exfat driver comes from arter97
4. F2fs rapid GC
5. Fsync switch, you can sacrifice stability for better I/O performance by disable it
6. Available I/O scheduler: bfq, cfq(default), sio, fiops, maple, deadline
7. Available TCP congestion algorithm: westwood(default), cdg, reno, cubic, bbr
8. Merge some optimization commits from Sultan
9. Disable tracing/logging at various places (from AGNi kernel)
10. Kernel-level cpusets parameter optimization, optimize CPU core calls
11. Modify the GPU model to Adreno 512 (for PUBGM HD)
12. Ainur DTS hardware driver
13. USB fast charge driver, enjoy 900mA charging speed when connected to a computer
14. Latest Wireguard driver
15. Update & enable sr9700 driver, wired Internet access via OTG and wired network card
16. Enable CONFIG_HZ_300, faster system response
17. Adreno GPU boost
18. Some other visible and invisible optimizations…

1. Support both Oreo & Pie firmware.
2. Support both Pie & Q Roms.
3. Panda kernel does not provide MIUI support. It will boot on MIUI. But developer will not fix any bugs on MIUI.

Source Code:

Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v7.3
Stable Release Date: 2020-04-24

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