Download [KERNEL] StormBreaker -V 6.4 – HMP/EAS for redmi note 5 pro [WHYRED]

StromBreaker kernel is a minimal, simple and clean kernel for the perfect balance between performance and battery life

Feature list
Always upstreamed to the latest Linux-stable and latest caf
Compiled with Latest GCC 10.2
Uses Pie wifi drivers from CAF
Wireguard support
Westwood set as the default TCP congestion control algorithm
NTFS support and F2FS support (F2FS is implemented with Rapid GC from arter97)
Sound/Mic control
sRGB support
Added Anxiety I/O Scheduler
DTS Eagle audio support
Oreo FW support
Using lz4 compression for zRAM
and more…

Make sure you take a backup of your current Kernel before flashing! (I’m not taking responsibility for any damage)
If you installed a custom Kernel before please flash the boot.img of the currently installed ROM or dirty flash the ROM.
Then just flash the zip file through recovery, Happy Flashing!

Source Code:
Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V 6.3
Stable Release Date: 2020-10-02

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